I N T E R N E T   &   C O M P U T E R   T R A I N I N G


Book image Do you want to increase your productivity? Most of us have a busy schedule and not enough time or patience for the thick manuals that come with today's software. North Shore CompuTraining Company can help. Learn what you want, when you want, no prerequisites.

Our on-site services include:

  • Customized one on one tutoring for internet and/or computer training
  • Personalized business services for those busy times

    All services are available in English or French and are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of using these services:

  • Customized training courses, tell us your current level of training and your future training goals. We will help you effectively fulfill your training needs;
  • Convenient on-site services on an hourly basis, with hours that fit your schedule;
  • Learn with your own computer system and surroundings, no pressure, no intimidation by other students or co-workers;
  • Confidentiality, ensures sensitive information remains private;
  • Individual or small group training available, for your support staff, yourself or the family.


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